E-Mail: Douglas@oakdalecomputer.com
Tel: 631-589-3357
Tel: 631-589-3357
The beast :-) you built for me is home and the best pc I've ever used. It runs fast (so, so fast!), smoothly & quietly. Makes working delightful - instant response.
Watching Netflix movies is a wonderful unexpected benefit.
And thank you so much for salvaging my data off my dead hard drive. I was so afraid it was lost. You saved me -
All is well again, You are the best!

Welcome to Oakdale Computer
Sorry to inform all of my customers that we have closed down and retired to where the weather is warm and the taxes are low. If any of my great customers need service of any kind please contact Keith at 631-589-4543. If you need to contact me please call 631-839-3181. I want to thank everyone for the last 15 yrs of business. It was a great run. Now it's time for fun in the sun.
Sincerly Doug....
        We have been in business for 10 years now. How? By making sure our customers come
 first. We are honest, reliable, and reasonable. Never misleading in anyway. We are here for the 
 long term because we like what we do.

        My name is Doug and I'm the owner of Oakdale Computer. I'm here to help you in anyway I can. I'm very easy to talk to, so don't hesitate to call and ask questions. Quite a few customers feel embarrassed by thier lack of knowledge when it comes to computers. Don't be, that's why I am here. I can explain things in layman terms so you will understand what's going on. You will always know how much it will be before hand. Never any hidden fees. If it isn't worth repairing I will let you know so you're not throwing away your hard earned money.
Hi Doug,
        We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the computer system you made up for us. It is fast and it is a delight to be using it. What a difference from our old slow-poke.
        I wanted to add that if you want reviews or testimonials for your website, just ask. You know we will give you a very positive review, as we are extremely pleased. The computer is wonderful and it came with service with a smile. Thanks again for helping us very low-tech people to understand just a little more about the world of computers.
        Geri and John Woulfe

        We repair all desktop and laptop computer's. Viruses, tuneups, upgrades, software      
issues, hardware replacement, broken screen's, power plug replacement, and much more. 
Please ask.
        Most repairs need to be done at our location. Some may need to be done at your home or office depending on what the situation is. For people with disabilities, we will come to you if you cannot get out or have trouble getting to us.
        I'm sorry, but we do not repair Tablets, and or Game Consoles.
        We also service small business, and offices. Please understand that after you have had 
someone else doing it for the last number of years (and probably the wrong way) it may take us a while to figure out how it's been set up to begin with.
Just wanted to let you know my laptop is working fine. Thanks for the fast and friendly service, I'll be sure to recommend you to all my friends.

Hello Doug!!!!!!
 Always a pleasure.
 You have done a great job.
 Remember to stop by and listen to my Maryann's computer as it make weird noises when it starts up.  It almost sound like the wicked witch of the west.  Oh no !!!!!
Speak with you soon.

Good news! Windows 7 is still alive and working great. Check out our other page how you can get a great high quality Windows 7 computer built just for you. Just click on our link below.
        Doug I just wanted to say thank you for repairing my Dell Desktop. I was ready to put the old dell to the curb when my daughter said, dad you got to fix the old computer, it has all my pictures and music on it. Not knowing where to go for a computer repair I did a searched online for computer repair in my area and you web site came up. I called, spoke to you about my computer problem dropped off my computer and when I picked it up repaired and all the music and photos were saved. The old dell works like new again. I saved a lot of money fixing my old computer over buying a new one, thanks' again, Jim Ryan , Nesconset , NY
Windows 7 click here!
        I would like to introduce you to Keith. He's my laptop repair genius. Anytime a laptop, notebook, or similar product comes in for repair such as keyboard, screen, power plug relacement, he'll be the man working on it. You may never meet him but he's great at removing a hundred screws and putting them all back again.
We're located in Oakdale on the South Shore of Long Island. I work out of my home, the same as a lot of other businesses do today in order to survive. It's the best way to keep costs down which I can pass on to you. I've built a nice little office on the side of my home for you're convenience. I've lived here for over 50 years now so I don't believe I'm going anywhere soon.
Hi Doug
I just want to thank you for fixing my computer, and getting me up and running so quickly. I didn't know where to bring it when it got infected with a virus, and turned to the web to search.(Had to use my phone) I wanted to deal with someone, a professional who I could trust. I felt comfortable with you from our initial phone conversation, and brought my computer to you for repair. I had it back in no time, nasty virus gone, and all my data in tact. Your price was reasonable and my computer is running better then ever. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know I appreciate that there are people like you doing business in a personable, yet professional manner. I will be sure to let anyone I know with a computer problem, know about you. Thanks again

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Tel: 631-589-3357

Doug,My wife is very happy with the computer. She is back on farmville cultivating her crops and feeding the animals. We will recommend you and of course will use you again. She thinks the screen is fine. Thank you,
Philip Archer

The office
Right this way
So give me call. I'm sure I can Help. Thank You. Douglas...
Tel: 631-589-3357
E-Mail: Douglas@oakdalecomputer.com
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